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Rockwell Automation

On 28, Sep 2017 | No Comments | In | By Robin Sontheimer

Rockwell Automation

*2017 I e-Tool Ecosystem Rationalisation I Round Feather



Rockwell Automation provides integrated systems for process manufacturing. As part of the Digital Business Transformation program, Rockwell hired UST Global to consolidate its existing e-Tool ecosystem to eff ectively engage its end users through a seamless experience across touch points. Round Feather, a partner of UST Global, was included to do User Research on all Stakeholders of the Sales Ecosystem. I was hired by Round Feather as a User Research and Strategic Design expert joining a team of 11 Researchers and Designers.



TExtensive analysis, based on 21 respondents, of the workflow and tool ecosystem used by five stakeholder groups. Pain points comunicated by the use of information visualisation and co-creation with the client. Based on the analysis the team developed an outline for a platform strategy.

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