I work with strategic consultancies, innovation agencies, besides working directly with service departments, transformation offices and organisational development in medium to big corporates. Every now and then I work with start-ups, incubators and non-profits.

I have a build, measure, learn mindset and my work follows three principles




Organisations I have worked with

Fields in which I can create value for you

Design and Innovation

  • Digital Product/Service Design
    • Interim Product Owner
    • User Research (Qual/ Quan)
    • Product/Service Vision Creation
  • Innovation Management
    • Design Thinking
    • Business Ethnography
    • Product Strategy
  • Systemic Design
    • Process Design
    • Process Facilitation

Digital Transformation

  • Implementing Digital Self Services
  • Implementing Self Organisation
  • Implementing OKRs
  • Implementing Scaled Agile
    • Agile Coaching
    • Agile Project Management
  • Leadership Training
  • Team Coaching
  • Individual Coaching

A selection of previous engagements as a teaser for our conversation

Digital Product Development for an Innovation Agency

With a lead customer waiting for a new product the client needed a digital product MVP. Better start to build. My job was to ramp up a full fledged digital product team, incorporating offshore assets and implementing a sound process. We shipped the MVP within 4 months and the client won more sponsors to continue development.

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Implementing Scaled Agile for a Corporate Transformation Office

After we ran a successful pilot the client wanted to scale what worked. 15 digital product teams were to be launched in waves to develop state of the art digital self services that would bring a smile to the customers face and boost internal efficiency. My job was to transfer the knowledge and practice of the pilot into each team and support the team leads.

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Implementing Self Organisation within a Corporate Service Department

After rebuilding IT and production control it was time to update the organisational structure. The client needed to transform to optimise the productivity of their service department. The solution space: Holistic KPIs, customer centricity and self organisation. My job was to develop a training plan for the teams and coach leadership.

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